Tesla Solar Roof

Beautiful Roof. Integrated Solar.
Now Available in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Premium Solar Tiles

Unlike any other

tesla solar roof single shingle

Stunning Solar Design

Integrated solar tiles that are indistinguishable from the rest. Power your home with the most beautiful roof on the market.

Produce Power, Save Money.

The only roof that will help pay for itself.

3x Stronger

Than traditional roofing tiles and backed by a 25‐year warranty!

Durable Construction

Engineered for all‐weather conditions

Elegant Monitoring

Monitor your solar production from anywhere

Hour by hour production

See how your power is being used

Easy on the Eyes

Compliment your home's architecture and go green at the same time! Reduce your power bill and watch as your home value sky rockets!

Pair your Tesla Solar Roof with the Powerwall

Optional energy storage options are available so that you never experience a power outage again!
Tesla Solar Shingle Dimensions

Solar Roof Specs

Tile Warranty

Hail Rating

Power Warranty

Roof Pitch

Weatherization Warranty

Inverter Power

Wind Rating

Inverter Dimensions

Fire Rating

Inverter Warranty

Time for Action

Replace your roof with one that’s powered by the sun!

Your Home. Energized.

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