You’ve Selected a Premier Certified Installer

tesla powerwall certified installer premier installer badge

Product Experts

Viewed as energy experts within their given region and have completed the training requirements provided by Tesla


In Good Standing

Fulfills financial and business responsibilities in a timely manner and is fully engaged in Tesla events, activities, training and business meetings


Exceptional Customer Service

A record of happy, satisfied customers, satisfactory CSAT scores, and is amiable to resolving customer experiences that don’t meet our mutual standard.


Consistent Feedback

Amiable to providing Tesla with important sales activity data so that we can effectively respond to relevant market dynamics


Minimum Purchase Requirement

Annual minimum purchase requirement (MPR) based on the delivery of >100 Powerwall units and geographical market participation. Your Account Manager will work with you to determine your MPR.



High quality representation of Tesla’s products across marketing channels

top customer service
exceptional installation quality
extensive product knowledge