My name is Garrett Hartwell. I’m the founder here at Power Northwest. Being in the solar industry for quite some time now, I’m continuously blown away by the POWER of solar technology itself.

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The fact that sunshine hitting my roof can be converted into electricity, then used to add light to my home or dry my clothes in the dryer, still boggles my mind.

Recently, I purchased an electric vehicle. That means that the sunlight hitting my roof is actually driving me to work every day. CRAZY!

So, I wanted to create a fun little calculator showing how much solar power my small-medium size (7.9 kW) system is producing. However, kW and kWh are for the birds. No one really understands that. But, what people do understand is gallons of gasoline.

So here’s my little system:

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And here's how much power it produced in gallons of gas*

Gallons of Gasoline 5.2
Value of Gas $ 5.20 / Gallon $27.04
Gallons My System Produced in the Last Year 1,768
Total Value Year 1 $9,194
Miles I can drive my EV (With NO EMMISSIONS) $35,360

*This is assuming an average of 20 miles per gallon driven by an ICE (internal combustion vehicle) vs 30 kWh for 100 miles driven by an EV (electric vehicle), or 6kWh for every 20 miles driven on average.

I’m Running on Sunshine™