We consult, design, permit, install, and support Solar Systems

Because we believe in the POWER of solar and the IMPORTANCE of clean energy

Residential Solar

Optimized solar for your home, built for Northwest conditions. Store all of that energy with our home battery solutions. Finally, utilize our energy services to make your home as efficient as possible and convert any gas fueled equipment over to electric. Now everything can be powered with free, clean energy provide by the sun!

Our engineers start inside your building, by first updating old equipment, providing LED lighting solutions, and finally providing a comprehensive Energy Management System that optimizes your needs. Only then do we look to power everything with roof top or ground mounted solar arrays. It’s time you capitalize on the sun energy pouring on your building everyday.

Whether you’re grid-tied or 100% off-grid, we can design the perfect energy storage solution for you. If you’re planning on going solar, integrate energy storage to capture your solar energy and store it onsite for later use. Now, when the power goes out, you’ll be the only one on the block with your lights on.

Homeowners, it’s time to rethink what your roof can do for you! The Tesla Solar Roof is more than just a shelter over your head; it’s a cutting-edge, 25-year warranty eco-friendly power station for your home. Contact us to learn how this innovative technology can revolutionize your home, making it a beacon of sustainability and efficiency.

Turn your Main Service Panel (MSP) into a Smart MSP with the SPAN panel. Monitor all of the loads in your house, turn them on/off remotely via the integrated app, and optimize your solar and energy storage!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Thank you for going electric! Now let’s fuel you up with some clean power. We install in-home charging stations along with commercial grade charging stations for business and industrial fleets alike. Say goodbye to gas!

The key to any roof mounted array is a solid roof foundation. Our professional roofers make sure that every installation is sealed up tight and built to last. From new construction, to replacement roofs, to solar racking systems, our roofers are who you want to seal up your home from the top down.


An energy efficient structure pays dividends. Let us analyze your building and how it uses electricity. With automation, lighting controls, and HVAC upgrades, we can greatly reduce your energy consumption. Once that work is done, we can then size your solar system accordingly. Now your building will be efficient and powered by sunshine!