Power NW Referral Program

Earn $500!

We pay a $500 Referral Bonus for referrals that you send our way.


The number one reason that people go solar is because they know someone who did. So be a catalyst for change and share the good news of solar with a friend.


Why would we pay $500 for a referral? We’ve calculated that to get a new customer it costs us about $500 in advertising. If you send us a referral, we don’t have to spend money on ads, so we’d rather send that money your way!


Send referrals to us by contacting us here. Or have the referral reach out to us directly. Just be sure that they mention your name during the sales consultation.

Pro Tip!

You could post a beautiful picture of your system and tag @powernorthwest. If someone sees the post and mentions your name during the sales consultation, you’ll earn $500!

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