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Garrett Hartwell
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Key Assumptions

The information provided in this proposal, such as savings calculations, is based on the following assumptions:

Utility Assumptions

  • Utility Company — Portland General Electric Co
  • Current Utility Rate — Residential Service (Correct PNW)
  • Current Estimated Annual Utility Bill — $2,397
  • Annual Utility Price Increase Rate — 5.0%

System Design

  1. (39) Silfab Solar SIL-370 BK
  2. (39) Enphase Energy Inc. IQ 7 (240V)
  3. System Size — 14.43kW
  4. Annual System Degradation due to soiling and general wear —0.5%
  5. Total System Cost — $39,827
  6. Estimated First Year Production – 16,397kWh

Financial Assumptions

  1. Energy Trust Incentive — $1,200
  2. Out of Pocket — $38,627
  3. Federal Tax Incentive — $10,043
  4. Other Incentive — $0
  5. Cash flows Discount Rate — 0.0%

This solar power system is customized for your home, so its pricing, system production, and savings are specific to the
information that you have provided us. We based the system size, design, configuration, utility rates, applicable rebates, tax
benefits realized, and your household’s energy usage on this information. All energy pricing models are based on historical
data, assumed cost escalation, and assumed degradation rates. Annual electric generation will vary year to year and the
modeling is based on averaged data provided by third parties.

Financing terms may vary. Tax credits and incentives, if any, are not guaranteed. This proposal is not an approval for a loan, and
all financing terms are subject to approval.

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Environmental Impact - By going solar you'll be eliminating the big three fossil fuels; Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear waste

Lead by Example - Become a steward for clean energy by going solar, changing your life so that others around you might do the same.

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