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    Selecting the right partner for your solar project can be a daunting task. The decision is not to be taken lightly, as the quality of your solar installation can significantly impact the efficiency, longevity, and overall success of your investment. Power Northwest stands out as the leading option, offering a range of unparalleled advantages that make us the ideal choice for your solar project. Here are the Top 10 Reasons to go with Power Northwest:

    1) Quality and Functionality

    Our installers are paid by the hour (not by the panel, like some of our competitors) and encouraged to prioritize quality over speed.  We want them to be proud of their work and do what it takes to make your installation perfect.  If we do our job right, your system could continue producing power for over 50 years. Solar is a long-term investment; it has to last.

    2) Dedicated Project Manager

    Each project is assigned a dedicated Project Manager whom you can call, email, or text to ensure that we’re always providing excellent customer service.  We also have a dedicated phone number which can be used to text our entire team.  We’re local, easy to get a hold of, and we respond fast.

    3) 10-Year Workmanship Warranty

    We provide a 10-year workmanship warranty on any item that we touch.  That includes electrical connections as well as ensuring that all penetrations in your roof are 100% waterproof.  If there’s ever an issue, call us and we’ll take care of it.

    4) Production Guarantee

    For every system that we design, we provide an estimated amount of power that it will produce the first year it’s in operation.  If for any reason your system produces less than the estimate, we’ll pay you the difference at the standard utility rate.  This keeps our estimates honest and holds us accountable for our designs.

    5) Craftsmanship

    Our installers place quality over speed, which means that we take our time doing fantastic work. You can’t rush craftsmanship. Aesthetics are important to us. Not only will your system function as it should, but it’s also going to look amazing!

    6) High-Quality Materials

    • Tier 1 Solar Panels – To be considered Tier 1, a solar panel manufacturer must have a strong reputation for quality and service and back that up with a 25-year production warranty.  The production warranty must guarantee that the solar panel will produce at least 80% of its rated output after 25 years of operation!
    • High-End Micro Inverters – Where it makes sense, we use Enphase micro inverters. They’re durable, come with a 25-year manufacturer warranty, are safe and easy to use, and offer panel-level optimization and control. Micro inverters allow each panel to produce electricity independently, so if any one panel has an issue, the rest of the system can operate normally.
    • Premier Racking – Racking is what secures the panels to the structure. We pay more for racking that comes with a 25-year warranty and is industry-leading for waterproofing and wire management.  For more on that, see the below section on Installation Methods.

    7) Lucky number 7, Very Low Call Backs

    Our systems have extremely low failure rates and therefore we experience very few call backs. Many other installers have entire service departments to deal with the issues created by the installation crews. Or, even worse, they outsource their service calls. We on the other hand have very few call backs and service everything in-house. Since we service our own equipment, it’s important to us to do it right the first time, eliminating the possibility of any future issues.

    8) We are a Proud Benefit Corporation

    We put our mission before profits. Specifically, our focus boils down to three pillars: Happy Homeowners, Enriched Employees, and Clean Environment.

    • Happy Homeowners – Our number one priority on every project is your satisfaction. We do our best to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your solar system.
    • Enriched Employees – Power Northwest was built for us, the employees. We strive to make it a great place to work, where people can grow and reach their full potential.  Plus, happy employees take more pride in their work.  
    • Clean Environment – The reason we install solar here in the Pacific Northwest is so that we can slow the effects of climate change and hopefully preserve the great outdoors.
    happy solar homeowners, enriched employees, clean environment

    9) Our 5-Star Promise

    At Power Northwest, we promise to deliver a 5-Star experience to every customer.  We’re passionate about your satisfaction and are committed to deliver on our promise with exceptional customer service, clear communication, and quality craftsmanship.  It’s a promise we make to our customers and ourselves.  By delivering a 5-Star experience, we’ll make Power Northwest a more prosperous and thriving company, a better place to work, and an unbeatable partner for you.  We will act as an advocate with your best interests in mind.  We Promise.

    10) Saving the Best for Last: Installation Methods

    Our experience, training, and industry partners have allowed us to curate a list of industry-leading installation methods.  This alone is reason enough to partner with Power Northwest.

    • Wire Management is key – Without it, cables can sag and sit on the roof which over time could wear through the sheathing. Many companies use zip ties to manage the cabling on the roof. Or worse yet, they use electrical tape. Both of those are quick, cheap, and easy solutions that will wear down over time. Electrical tape will last a year, zip ties might last 5 to 10. Instead, we use specifically designed rails with a channel that allows for all of our wire management. This provides a safe and secure area which protects the cables from wear and tear.
    wire management worst and best practices
    • Waterproofing – We have a very specific method for waterproofing and sealing our rooftop connections.  On a typical composite roof we use a metal flashing that gets tucked up under two rows of shingles, integrating it into the roof.  At the bottom of the flashing is a raised hole which meets an umbrella lag which seals the hole, making it completely watertight.  Then as an insurance policy, we place a U-Shaped line of roofing sealant on the back of the flashing and inject the hole with sealant as well.  If we’ve done our job right, water should never even touch the sealant, let alone penetrate your roof.  Of the tens of thousands of roof penetrations that we’ve made, we’ve never had a leak.
    solar panel system waterproofing using flashings
    • Concealed Conduit – Conduit is the plastic or metal tubing that carries the wires down from your roof to the point of interconnection. Running conduit across the roof saves time and money, but it’s unsightly, and leaves the raceway exposed to the elements. Where possible, we take the time to conceal this raceway in the attic, then run it down alongside the house where it’s off the surface of the roof, keeping it cooler. This decreases voltage drop and increases efficiency. Every little bit counts. When we bring the conduit out of the attic down to the point of interconnection, we do it in a manner that visually hides the conduit from the eye by following natural lines on your house.
    conduit concealment worst and best practices
    • Skilled – Be wary of solar installers that don’t also install batteries.  Oftentimes, novice installers will shy away from battery installations because they’re complicated.  And for good reason, they’re oftentimes very complicated.  So keep that in mind when choosing an installer. Would you prefer someone who’s talented enough to do both batteries and solar or an installer who’s skillset ends at solar?

    Your solar project deserves a partner that shares your passion for sustainability and excellence. Power Northwest stands out as the ideal choice due to our dedication to quality, aesthetics, customer service, and technical expertise. By choosing us as your solar partner, you’re not just investing in clean energy – you’re investing in a long-lasting, reliable, and visually pleasing solar installation that reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and your satisfaction.

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