The Enphase IQ Battery System — Reliable Backup Power

Home solar systems in the Pacific Northwest are a fantastic way to provide backup power in case of an outage. Batteries will store energy for later use and then discharge it whenever it’s necessary.
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    Home solar systems in the Pacific Northwest are a fantastic way to provide backup power in case of an outage. Batteries will store energy for later use and then discharge it whenever it’s necessary. But it’s important to have a battery system that is reliable, technologically advanced, fast acting, and safe. The Enphase battery system could be a good choice for your home or business if you need reliable backup power.

    Enphase Home Solar Battery System

    The Enphase home solar battery system uses Enphase IQ batteries to smartly store electricity for when you’ll need it. The Enphase battery system has several different components. The solar panels collect the sun’s energy, which produces DC power. The power then gets converted to AC power by the Enphase micro inverters mounted on the roof behind each solar panel. The micro inverters (micros) send that AC power to the IQ Combiner that controls the system. The combiner will either send power to the loads in your house, to the grid, or to charge the batteries, wherever power is needed.

    The batteries are a supplement to a solar system, in that they provide backup power to your home in case the grid goes down. Enphase batteries come in two different sizes—3.5 kWh and 10,08 kWh. Multiple Enphase batteries can work together to give you the storage capacity you need.

    A solar system is a great way to lower your utility bill, but it won’t generate power for your home if the grid goes down. By code, solar systems must shut off in the event of an outage. Otherwise, they would send power back to the grid and could electrocute linemen working to restore power. The only way around this is to install a transfer switch next to your meter that separates your home from the grid when it goes down. This allows you to isolate your solar system and continue to run it while the grid is offline. The second essential component, along with a transfer switch, is a battery bank. The battery bank will allow you to store and discharge power as needed. Solar itself is wild! It has no way of throttling depending on the loads in your house. That’s why batteries are an essential part of that equation. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Enphase system.

    The Enphase IQ3 Battery

    The latest iteration of the Enphase battery is the IQ3, previously known as the Encharge 3 storage system, and it is an essential part of the Enphase energy system. It’s an all-in-one AC coupled battery system with a storage capacity of 3.5 kWh. To put that into perspective, the average American home uses about 30 kWh per day. So a single 3.5 kWh unit can run your house for about two hours, and longer if you shut off nonessential appliances. That doesn’t sound like much, but in many cases it can bridge the gap between a power outage and when a utility company can get your power back online. And this is just one battery. Enphase batteries can be stacked, so you can theoretically have enough batteries to run your house for several days.

    Moreover, because of Enphase’s unique string micro inverter system, DC power is converted directly into AC power with low heat levels, making them much safer than other battery systems by eliminating the danger of high DC voltage.

    The Enphase battery is safer and more efficient, and the system can be sized to fit your needs.

    The Benefits of Enphase Battery Systems

    Convenience, safety, and power are priorities for Enphase, making their systems easy for homeowners and business owners to control. Enphase has designed their battery system to be controlled through the Enphase app, which has a myriad of features.

    enphase battery app

    Resilient Weather Guard and Intelligent Storage

    The Enphase system can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Enphase batteries are NEMA 3R rated, which means they are able to withstand rain, sleet, snow, high winds, and storms.

    The Enphase IQ combiner will also receive weather updates through its Storm Guard system. If it “sees” that a storm is approaching that may affect power from the grid, Storm Guard will reroute power so that the batteries are filled—anticipating the need for backup power.

    Together, these two features offer peace of mind during all weather conditions.

    Load Controller

    The load controller is the Enphase system’s brain. Using the Enphase app, you can turn appliances on and off when you want to save power or to turn devices on that you don’t frequently use. The app can also automatically switch off appliances that are drawing too much energy if you want to conserve stored power.

    The controller is connected through either a Wi-Fi or a cellular connection and receives regular firmware updates automatically. It also automatically downloads weather, UX updates, and new features.

    Low Voltage, Low Risk

    Enphase has equipped its batteries to turn low-voltage DC power into low voltage AC at low temperatures. The battery is less likely to short, leak, or arc currents when at a lower voltage making the battery safe for homes with pets or children. Low temperatures also mean the unit will never catch fire from large electrical drains. These features make this battery system one of the safest on the market.

    Scalable Energy Storage and Power

    The size and scope of the system are entirely your decision. The system’s batteries are meant to stack together, creating a more extensive array of power storage that can be sized to meet your electrical needs. You can have enough electricity to fully operate your home or just enough to cover a few hours during a power outage.

    Moreover, a battery storage system can even be connected to a generator to store power when power outages and cloudy skies strike. This flexibility makes the batteries and storage system great for any home.

    Industry Leading Warranty

    Enphase systems have industry-leading coverage with a ten-year limited warranty that can be extended to fifteen years. This warranty is the best you can get for in-home solar battery storage systems. It speaks to the quality and care the company puts into its products.

    Even if a part does break, it’s straightforward to replace. Each piece of the system is replaceable, from the inverters, to the batteries, and even the load controller.

    An Elegant User Experience (UX): Control at Your Fingertips

    The Enphase app is simple, convenient, and sleek. It connects to the load controller to monitor how the system is performing. You can control the system through the app, tell certain appliances to turn on or off, direct power from the grid to the batteries, and control every aspect of your solar system.

    An Integrated Solar System: Everything Needed for Intelligent Battery Storage

    A new Enphase system will provide seamless operation, and it can be easy to retrofit an older solar system with new battery storage, but your system needs to be equipped with Enphase microinverters. The Enphase battery system can not integrate with other inverters such as SolarEdge, Tesla, or SMA.

    Enphase battery systems are compatible with IQ6, IQ7, and IQ8 microinverters, so if they’re already installed, installing the additional parts to create a system is possible.

    The IQ Combiner: the Brains of the Operation

    The combiner controls the system. Power is fed from the array directly into the combiner before it’s sent to the controller. This allows the combiner to receive accurate measurements of the power output of the solar panels, so that it can make accurate judgments on where to send that power.

    The combiner is wirelessly connected to both the controller and the batteries, letting it know how much is in storage so it can tell the controller where to send the energy: to the house, to the grid, or to the batteries.

    The IQ System Controller

    The IQ Controller is responsible for controlling the voltage, destination, and wattage of the electricity harnessed by the panels. The controller keeps power from leaking onto the grid, keeps the batteries from overcharging, and sends the energy from the array directly to where it’s needed.

    Why You Need Intelligent Battery Storage

    We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be without power, albeit at different severities. Whether it’s an inconvenient outage when you’re just about to make dinner or stranded in a blizzard with no heat, electricity is now the beating heart of your home.

    Solar energy is an ideal solution. Clean energy is available to everyone, but you need a battery system that uses that power to its full potential. Storing power allows you to access it when you need it, whether it’s for a few minutes or a few days.

    With the capacity of an intelligent battery system, you can store power for when you need it most. . With that potential at your fingertips, you can weather even the toughest of disasters and keep the heart of your home beating.

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