Press Release: Our Solar Roof Meant That Oregon Storms Were A Breeze

PNW couple weathers storm thanks to Tesla Solar Roof & Powerwall. Be prepared for anything with solar energy & battery backup.
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    A Pacific Northwest couple was one of the only households in town that were unaffected by recent storms – thanks to some new solar technology; the Tesla Solar Roof paired with the Tesla Powerwall backup battery.

    As most properties throughout the Pacific Northwest lost power for a week or more, Tim Hueser and his wife were able to carry on as usual.

    Replacing Old Roof With Tesla Tiles

    This was only possible because the Huesers had a Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall system installed at their home just a few months ago.  The Solar Roof was a replacement roof fixing a really bad leak that had damaged their roof structure.

    Tim, a 39-year-old firefighter, said: “It has proven to be a really smart move for us. We were the only ones fully operational for the duration of the storm.

    “The roof and batteries were wonderful. I ended up getting a little more than four days of power with the system with only a moderate reduction in usage.”

    The Tesla Solar Roof, which was installed by Portland-based company Power Northwest, is a premium tiled roof but with integrated solar technology generating electricity from sunlight.

    Certified Tesla Roof Installer

    Businessman Elon Musk got into the solar panel business when Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016. Power Northwest is the only certified Tesla Solar Roof company in the Portland area. They were hand-selected, being one of the top solar installers in the region.

    Since Tim Hueser had his roof installed, energy bills have dropped dramatically.

    He said: “Previously, my monthly bills ranged from $70 or so up to $200 per month, depending on usage. My house is a project and is not even close to energy efficient.

    “Now, I pay $12 a month, and that’s all fees. My system generates much more than I use on sunny days, and an equal amount or a little less than I use with full overcast and rain, depending on my usage.”

    These green energy systems are not cheap and the Hueser family obtained a low-interest loan for $80,000 through PSCCU, a partnering credit union. 

    But extensive damage to their previous roof following a bad leak was going to be very costly to repair in any case.

    Tim said: “The main factor in the decision to go ahead with the install was the math. If I didn’t go with the system install, I would still have to have all the electrical work done, plus spend money on the roof repair and roofing materials that the solar tiles would replace.

    “Another factor was that my home had a questionable electrical system with some components not installed to code. The main panel of the house needed to be replaced. I also had plans to add several outlets and circuits.

    “Since I needed extensive repairs to both the roof and electrical system I considered installing a Solar Roof with battery backups.

    “My house also has a well, meaning that power outages are also water outages. A Solar Roof with battery backups makes a power outage a non-event.”

    Power Northwest is leading the way with green energy home transformations and helps customers explore financial support through solar grants.

    Power NW: Leading Local Installer

    Company owner Garrett Hartwell said: “Traditional solar panels are quick and easy to install, typically taking us one to three days to complete a full installation. 

    “The Tesla Solar Roof, on the other hand, is a roof and solar system in one. It completely replaces the existing roof on a house, becoming a brand-new roof for the house with a solar system built in. 

    “Most Solar Roofs take two to four weeks to install, involving a pretty complex process of roofing, electrical, and detailed metal work with many pieces having to be custom fabricated onsite.”

    Tim Heuser’s house with the completed Tesla Roof
    Image: House with the completed Tesla Roof
    tesla solar panel installation
    Image: Work being done on Tim Heuser’s home to replace his old damaged roof.


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