New Oregon Department of Energy Solar Rebate for Batteries

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    Little History

    Oregon’s state legislature established the Oregon Solar + Storage Rebate Program in 2019 to incentivize residents to invest in renewable energy sources. In January 2020, The Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) launched the new solar and storage rebate program.  However, the funds were limited and used up rather quickly.  The good news is, the initiative was just recently refunded with an additional $10 million from the Oregon Legislature in 2021 with the program going live on September 27th of this year!

    The program specifically offers a rebate for the installation of solar energy systems as well as energy storage systems, or batteries, on Oregon residential properties.  

    This article will explain what the solar rebate program is, who is eligible to receive the rebate, how to find an approved contractor and other solar incentive programs in Oregon.

    What Is the Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) Solar Rebate?

    The ODOE solar rebate program allows eligible Oregon homeowners to receive rebates up to $5,000 for having solar energy panels installed on their property. These homeowners can receive another $2,500 if they also have an energy storage system (or battery) installed.

    Switching to solar, with this incentive, will save money in the short term by reducing the cost of your system while also reaping the benefits of the long-term savings generated by solar!

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    Who Is Eligible for the Program?

    The rebates go to approved contractors, who then pass the savings on to their customers. It’s imperative that contractors first acquire a rebate reservation before beginning the installation of solar. 

    In order to take advantage of the solar rebate, residents or providers must meet eligibility requirements.


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