Guide to Enphase Battery Storage in Portland, OR

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    Enphase Battery Storage solutions provide power storage, power tracing, and easy storage management for homes and businesses with solar power systems. The powerful highly efficient lithium-iron-phosphate (LOP) batteries link to a phone app and allow you more system control than any other micro-inverter system currently on the market.

    Preparing for an Emergency

    While residential solar systems allow electric consumers to sell electricity back to their utility, they do not provide electricity during power outages, to avoid back-feeding onto the grid. Oregon experiences windstorms, floods, wildfires, heatwaves, and countless other disasters that can result in an extended loss of power, particularly in rural areas. Backup batteries allow residential solar system owners and others to maintain electricity during natural disasters.

    Storm damaged electric transformer on a pole and a tree

    Enphase IQ Battery Systems

    Enphase batteries allow the customer to choose how to utilize their battery. Customers can choose between several functions. The batteries can store electricity in preparation for an extreme weather event or coordinate with utility electricity price peaks to save money, with settings controlled through a smartphone app. Customers receive real-time updates on their electrical usage and battery life as well, allowing them to make informed decisions about electricity usage to extend battery life during blackouts or save money.

    Customers can purchase multiple Enphase IQ batteries to receive a longer battery backup or backup of additional circuits. A purchase of a solar system is not necessary for a home to be connected to Enphase batteries.

    Maintenance and Repairs

    Microinverters make Enphase solar systems paired with batteries easier to repair. In traditional single inverter systems, an inverter failure stops all solar production and battery functionality until repair. One single small error can leave a house unprepared for a blackout. In contrast, the Enphase system of microinverters placed on every solar panel means that an inverter failure only knocks one panel from production. That allows systems to operate at nearly complete capacity and batteries to operate at full functionality until a repair is made, keeping your home’s lights on during a blackout.

    Enphase StormGuard(™)

    Enphase IQ Battery Systems were the industry’s first intelligent battery system. The Enphase StormGuard(™) system is programmed to track incoming weather patterns and prioritize power backup. If the weather forecast predicts heavy snow or stormy weather, the system will automatically prioritize filling up the battery to prepare.

    Enphase battery systems are NEMA R3 rated, meaning they are highly weather-resistant, and can even operate outdoors under harsh weather conditions. The battery immediately kicks on, interruption-free, once the grid goes down, preventing lost data or equipment damage.

    Enphase Warranty

    Enphase batteries are covered by a 10-year warranty. Enphase batteries must retain 80% charge capacity during the warranty period, or the customer can receive a free replacement battery.


    The Enphase IQ Battery Storage system runs on low-voltage AC power. Unlike most power storage solutions, which store the power in high-voltage DC banks, the Enphase system reduces the risk of electric injury and potential fire danger by keeping system loads at a lower voltage.

    Unlike gas or diesel-powered generators, Enphase IQ batteries don’t require the storage of flammable fuel, are quiet and don’t emit poisonous gasses like carbon monoxide.

    Enphase battery systems surpass UL 9540A unit level test performance criteria for thermal runaway fire propagation for indoor wall-mounted systems, allowing them to be placed in livable spaces, unlike most batteries on the market.

    enphase energy battery angled

    Automatic Software Updates

    Enphase IQ Battery Storage systems automatically update their software to keep themselves running at peak performance for years. Enphase also provides free 24/7 tech support both online and over the phone to answer customer questions.

    All-in-One Integration

    Enphase batteries are computerized and can be integrated into solar power systems. All phases of electric production, flow, and storage can be seen and controlled by owners in one portal, even when multiple batteries are purchased. Batteries can also be added to existing Enphase solar systems years after initial installation.

    Considering Enphase Batteries?

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