Community Solar East

Power Northwest was proud to be selected for the Community Solar East Project!
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    Project Info

    In partnership with Clark Public Utilities and the Port of Camas-Washougal, Power Northwest installed a massive 800kW solar system, 199kW of which is designed for low income subscribers through the utility’s Operation Warm Heart fund.  

    This community solar project allows homeowners and businesses who might not be able to access solar themselves to benefit from solar power.  Clark PUD was able to get the low income portion of this project fully subscribed in just 3 hours!

    A Little Bit of Solar for Everyone

    The 799kW system design is divided and separately metered on the rooftops of five different buildings at The Port of Camas-Washougal, with each building section allocated to various customer sectors:

    • 1. 199kW reserved for low-income customers (~25%)
    • 2. 300kW reserved for residential customers (~38%)
    • 3. 150kW reserved for business customers (~19%)
    • 4. 150kW reserved for government customers (~19%)

    System Details

    • 799.2 kW Solar system split across 5 buildings with 6 different interconnections
    • (2,160) 370W Solar panels
    • 480v/277v – HIGH VOLTAGE – Big transformers and switchgear
    • An estimated 1,000 MWh produced annually!  That’s megawatt-hours with an “M”! 
    • Enough electricity to power over 83 homes annually. 

    Project Timeline

    On time and under budget!  In fact, Power Northwest was able to provide a final cost reduction on the project due to some innovative design methods which they implemented.

    Project Success

    “I am really excited for the City of Washougal and how the Community Solar East project, in partnership with Power Northwest, is going to help, in so many ways, our community and the economy at large.  It’s exciting to see the leaders in our community develop such innovative projects.  This is one of those projects that’s going to take us into the future.  It will specifically be helping low income households subsidize their electricity bills for the next 25 years!  Considering it’s all being done with sustainable energy, it truly is a benefit to us all.” 

    – David Stuebe – Mayor of Washougal
    Governor Jay inslee and Mayor of Washougal David Stuebe during a visit to Community Solar East.
    Governor Jay inslee and Mayor of Washougal David Stuebe during a visit to Community Solar East.

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