Commercial Solar

Put your roof to work for you!

Why Solar?

Lower operating expenses

Decrease your monthly utility bills and stabilize operating expenses. By generating electricity yourself, you'll have a fixed cost of power which is less than what you're currently paying from the utility.

Lower carbon footprint

Businesses typically have a large environmental impact. Shift your business to renewable energy and become a steward for clean energy.

Increased property value

Buildings with solar sell faster and sell for more money. They also generate higher rental income.

Inspire others

Inspire employees, customers, vendors, and future talent by being a leader for renewable energy.

ongoing construction of a commercial solar project
racking and microinverters for a commercial solar project


Tax guidance

Between the Investment Tax Credit, MACRS Accelerated Depreciation, and local incentives, we can help you maneuver all of the financial benefits of solar so that you can maximize your savings.


Leverage our lenders so that you can invest in solar with little to no upfront capital expense.

Grant writing

There's free money available for solar. Let us go find it for you! Learn more here.

In-House Installation and Maintenance

We perform all of our installation in house so that if you ever have an issue it'll be covered by our warranty and we can be quick to respond.

System Design Options

Flat rooftop systems

Pitched rooftop systems

Carport systems

Ground-mounted systems

Agrivoltaic systems

Single or double axis sun-tracker systems

Artistic or branded systems

Utility-scale systems

Storage integration

commercial roof solar panels installed on distribution center

Product Offering

Electrical Upgrades

Enhance electrical and safety boost energy efficiency.

EV Charger

Convenient charging, eco-friendly driving benefits.​

Energy Audits

Identify savings, enhance efficiency, cut costs.

Recent Projects

See other businesses that have made the switch to solar energy!

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