Come join our team of Solar Enthusiasts, Outdoor Goers, and all-around Movers and Shakers!


Here’s a look at the positions we currently have available:

Construction Manager

Lead solar construction projects, ensuring efficiency, safety, and timely completion while adhering to quality standards.

Solar Installation Tech

Expertly install solar panels and equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and functionality for sustainable energy solutions.

Solar Electrician (Journeyman)

Safely install and maintain solar electrical systems, complying with industry codes and standards for reliable energy solutions.

Solar Sales Engineer​

Offer tailored solar energy solutions to clients through technical expertise and sales support for optimal customer satisfaction.

Signing Supervisor

Oversee safety compliance, site preparation, and smooth solar system installations while maintaining high-quality standards.

Solar Project Manager

Coordinate solar projects from start to finish, ensuring timely delivery, quality, and adherence to safety regulations.

Solar Limited Renewable Energy Technician (LRT)

Support solar system installations and maintenance, handling wiring, mounting, and troubleshooting for efficient energy production.