About Us

We consult, design, permit, install, and support Solar Systems.

Because we believe in the POWER of solar and the IMPORTANCE of clean energy.


Transition our community to renewable energy.

The work we’re doing today will help provide a brighter future for generations to come. By utilizing the power of the sun, paired with today’s best solar and energy technology, we enable our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part to help save our environment.

We believe in energy independence, wise investments, and the New Energy Economy.


Technology is changing fast. Don’t get stuck with outdated string inverters or Tier 2 or 3 panels. Work with us and be impressed by what solar can do! Our solutions offer the latest technology providing the best products in shaded applications, real-time monitoring, and a whole host of benefits.

It’s hard to be the best, but our name depends on it!

See: Tesla Solar Roof | Powerwall | Span Smart Panel


Our 5-Star Promise

At Power Northwest, we promise to deliver a 5-Star experience to every customer. We’re passionate about your satisfaction and are committed to deliver on our promise with exceptional customer service, clear communication, and quality craftsmanship. It’s a promise we make to our customers and ourselves. 

By delivering a 5-Star experience, we’ll make Power Northwest a more prosperous and thriving company, a better place to work, and an unbeatable partner for you. We will act as an advocate with your best interests in mind. We Promise.

mount hood
WE CHERISHthe Outdoors!

Spending time in the outdoors is important to all of us here at Power Northwest.  Whether that’s a day up on Mt. Hood or putting our toes in the sand at the Coast, we love enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

solar installer carrying solar pv panel up a ladder
WE WORK HARDfor your Business!

Our greatest satisfaction comes from happy customers.  We work hard to earn your business and turn your solar dreams into reality.  There’s no job too difficult or complex, our years of combined experience make us the perfect partner for your project.

portland solar installers on a roof
WE ARE EXCITEDabout Solar!

Above all, we are excited about solar.  We geek out on the latest technologies, take pride in aesthetically pleasing installations, and love watching sunshine turn into power.


Being a Benefit Corporation means that we put our mission before profits. Specifically, our focus boils down to three pillars; Clean Environment, Happy Homeowners, and Enriched Employees


Our number one priority on every project is your satisfaction. We do our best to ensure you get exactly what you want out of your solar system.
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Power Northwest was built with its employees in mind. We strive to make it a great place to work, where people can grow and reach their full potential.

a flowering garden in front of a solar energy system in Portland

The reason we install solar here in the Pacific Northwest is so that we can slow the effects of climate change and hopefully preserve the great outdoors.


P - Personal Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, taking ownership of problems, and holding ourselves to the highest standards.
O - Outstanding Quality:We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our work is of the highest quality, it is our legacy.
W - Work Ethic:We believe in the value of hard work, going the extra mile, and overcoming obstacles with determination. You can depend on us to deliver results, day in and day out.
E - Empathy:We genuinely care about our customers, team members, and the communities we serve, fostering a culture of compassion and empathy.
R - Resolute Integrity:We consistently do the right thing, even when it's challenging.
WE PROUDLY SERVENW Oregon & SW Washington
Power Northwest Oregon Solar Installation Territory
power northwest washington solar service area
We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our Careers Page for the positions that we currently have available. Isn’t it about time to do something that you’re passionate about?